The summaries below list various articles Isle of Wight based picture frame & gift company Datalite UK Ltd has produced relating to business.  The experiences of Datalite will be shared by many other businesses.  The aim is to provide a commentary of the topics that can irk a company, often garnished with humour.

Articles on Government bureaucracy are a recurring theme, in the UK it is truly amazing that any small business operates at all with the sheer level of red tape and legislation imposed.  Some large corporations have incurred the displeasure of DLUK.  These include TV Licensing for harassing the company over a non-existent television; British Telecon for their amazingly bad customer service, and British Gas for threatening to break into the company's premises for a gas bill for a non existent gas supply!

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Shop signs - Ryde High StreetRetail Shop Advertising and the Curse of Moronic Vandalism.  Shops and businesses in the high street benefit from outside advertising to attract passing trade.  The problem is that such advertising material can be a magnet for destruction by the more undesirable members of society.   The Summer of 2012  in the UK saw a proliferation of various race and criminal riots that disgraced the English nation.  This lead to wanton destruction of many shops and retail premises, and a huge cost to local businesses - some never recovered.  This highlighted how vulnerable High Street premises can be from the more 'lowlife' underclass elements of society.  This article examines the issue, and provides positive information on how to eradicate the risk of destruction through the curse of moronic vandalism.
How the European Union Kills Business in the United Kingdom. The EU is an organisation that emanated EU Eurozone Debtfrom the aftermath of the Second World War.  Its initial intention was honourable, to avoid a repeat.  However, it has grown into a undemocratic bureaucratic monster.   It shares the features of all out of control bureaucracies, where its sole purpose appears to be for continual expansion and power.  The United Kingdom (UK) is largely a euro-sceptic country, and thankfully is not in the Euro zone, which currently appears in the process of imploding to euro currency destruction.   It is in the area of business this essay focuses on; the EU and its myriad of regulations has long lost sight that it doesn't create business, but puts ever increasing obstacles in the way of companies to create wealth.
Equality Act UK 2010 – More Politically Correct Nonsense Imposed on Business  The United Kingdom'sCrowd people silhouttes. Equality Act 2010 was imposed on companies against the wishes of business leaders, whilst the UK is trying to reduce its enormous debts.  This article explores how this legislation adds yet more red tape to businesses, and will end up adversely affecting the selected ‘protected groups’ it was suppose to protect.  Taking offense if you're individual benefitting from a  protected characteristic such as race, religion, or gender (i.e. female) can translate to a huge compensation claim .  This legislation aims to encourage an equality of outcome (rather than opportunity), but human beings are not clones, and individual personal choice certainly does not appear to fit into politically corrected ideology.
The Sheer Hell of Telephone Call Centre Voicemail  Telephone Call Centres and their horrendousTelephone Red Angry Hand voicemail systems can often provide the ultimate in bad customer service experience.  Just about everyone has experienced the sheer hell of telephoning a call centre.  The endless voicemail mantra of ‘your custom is important to us’, the torturous piped music, the waste of time, and to rub salt in the wound invariably having to pay money for this nightmare.  For many companies and organisations their voicemail is nothing short of a public relations disaster, and some of the worst examples can be found in the telecommunications business and government organisations.  This article examines the current call centre vogue and questions why it is used in the first place.
Why eBay Has Become a Hostile Sellers Environment  Great bargains can be found Dodgy Hostile Auctioneerfor buyers on eBay, and this famous online auction facility in the past provided a reasonable deal for sellers as well.  eBay can tap into a host of targeted potential buyers for niche markets.   However, over recent years eBay has consistently adversely amended its policy for sellers resulting in ever changing goal posts.  This has included hiking fees and altering a well established and balanced feedback system to one which assumes that buyers can only ever be positively viewed no matter how unreasonable they are!  This article examines eBay’s recent policy shift and examines whether this has resulted in a hostile environment for sellers.
Is The UK's TV LIcensing Agency Just Plain Evil?  Some organisations are inefficient, some are over Angry Man Smashin Through Televisionbureaucratic, but in the United Kingdom the TV Licensing is concluded to be just plain evil.  This agency assumes every address is using a television and if their records shows there is no TV harasses potentially innocent persons to the point of using language that treats them as criminals without checking their facts first.  The UK is rather unique in having a compulsory television license .  This is to fund the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) whether  watched or not.  The TV Licensing Agency is tasked to collect the fee,  but as Datalite UK Ltd discovered they assume every business has a TV, and treats does that don't as criminals!
British Telecom – With Its Pathetic Customer Service Is This The Worst Company in the UK?             British Telecom Telephone Horror Customer Service           Datalite UK Ltd commissioned British Telecom to provide a communications package of Telephone and Broadband Internet in early 2009.  The year that followed saw a horrendous catalogue of problems exasperated by unbelievably poor customer service.  These experiences are passed on to other potential business BT customers; with the overall message AVOID BT LIKE THE PLAGUE!  BT is a communications company with a unenviable reputation of providing the worst customer service in the United Kingdom, winning numerous 'wooden spoon awards'.  Following Datalite's experience the conclusion was reached that with their rubbish customer service BT should really be called British TeleCON!
Why Did British Gas Threaten and Harassed A Business For Payment Of A Non-Existent Gas Supply? Britsh Gas Cooker Hub
Moving a business to a new location can be a stressful scenario at the best of times.  However Datalite UK Ltd was astonished to discover how much time and frustration is spent on dealing with organisations such as British Gas.  An extraordinary saga experienced revealed British Gas bullying tactics, ridiculous invoices loaded with charges to almost a 1000, and incredible mindless bureaucracy. All this despite not being a customer of British Gas, and the premises not having any gas appliances, gas supply, or even a gas meter! 
Who Is The Biggest Enemy Of UK Businesses?  The United Kingdom over the past decade has been an UK Business - London Scene Big Ben and Red Telephone Boxextremely hostile environment for businesses, especially the smaller concerns.  Numerous government initiatives have added ever increasing layers of bureaucracy, additional costs, and inefficient time wasting requirements.  All this is underpinned by ridiculous levels of legislated Political Correct ideology that adversely affect a UK business to efficiently operate or even to employ suitable staff.  This article provides an overview of the resultant problems, with some solutions, and a bleak conclusion that if the UK government continues with its current policies and politically correct ideology the country itself is heading to bankruptcy.
Is The Customer Always Right?  An old adage is ‘the customer is always right’.  In most cases this is a sound Lady Customer Purchasing Jeansprinciple for a business to adopt, but customers cannot always be right and extremely bad and obnoxious clients not only waste much time and money, but can be bad for future business and put off existing valued customers.   It is useful to remember that business owners can ultimately choose their customers.  The key is drawing a line between offering excellent customer service for a reasonable complaint from a reasonable person, to not wasting an undue amount of time, money, and effort on the patently unreasonable.  This article explores the provision of customer service and aims to establish where this line may be drawn.
Despatching Fragile Products – Tips From A Picture Frame Supplier - Package Box Marked FragileNo successful business likes to take the flak, expense, and possible loss of a customer, due to the failings of another business.  Such a scenario can present itself for any business delivering products via mail.  Ultimately success and reputation is very much dependant on the efficiency of the transit company employed.  Frames Online UK despatches picture frame products containing inherently fragile glass; tips and experiences are provided on protecting and despatching fragile products and provision of sound customer service following reported breakages.
Why Is UK Tax So Taxing? - Another article starring the United Kingdom's tax collecting bureaucracy HM Office Chap Taxed By Tax BureaucracyRevenue and Customs (HMRC formerly Inland Revenue).  There is so much material available with this out of control department, a massive preening had to be done to keep this article down to a reasonable length.  Serious questions are asked of a department that appears to treat taxpayers as criminals, including unreasonable threatening, bullying, and harassment tactics.  Bizarrely the current UK government appears to have an agenda to penalise and if possible criminalise as much of the hard working tax paying population as possible; whilst rewarding shirkers, illegal migrants, criminals, select politically correct 'minorities', the feckless, and long term welfare claimants. 
The Grinding Square Wheels of Bureaucracy  - What is it with the United Kingdom at the moment?  It Office Bloke Covered In Red Tapecurrently provides numerous examples of what can and does go wrong in modern western 'democracies' at their worst.  This article contrasts the differing philosophies of the private business world in contrast to the taxpayer funded public sector.   The latter not being equipped with a simple measure such as profit, can grow uncontrollably to the point of achieving the exact opposite of their original intention.  The United Kingdom's HM Revenue and Customs tax collection department provides numerous examples of an out of control bureaucracy.
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