The Summaries and links below are of older articles that have been published by Datalite UK Ltd.  Articles are archived to save web page space and make the main index easier to navigate for customers.  The criteria for archiving depends on how relevant the article is in comparison to newer essays and how old they are.  The aim is to keep the main index fresh with new and relevant articles.

Old articles included in the archive can still be of interest.  Royal Mail postal strikes have a habit of repeating themselves, predictions on the economy and business direction are sometimes given, and these can be interesting to look back at these in the light of subsequent events.  The historical articles can also provide an insight into Datalite's evolution to a major photo picture frame and gift product supplier.

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What Happened On The Day You Were Born?   People may come across as only being concerned aboBaby Newspaper Hat News of Day Bornut others with little regard for self, but in the final analysis with precious few exceptions, the vast majority have a natural interest in their own origin.  If a question is posed to most individuals 'What Happened On The Day You Were Born?" it is a fair bet the response will not extend much past "Well I Was Born Of Course?".  True, but there was also a myriad of news events happening at that moment, fashions and music in vogue, sporting events and a whole world that was the effective and unique stage of an individual's entry to the world.  This article explores the natural interest in this all important individual event and provides useful resources for further research.
Who Is The Biggest Enemy Of UK Businesses?  The United Kingdom over the past decade has been an UK Business - London Scene Big Ben and Red Telephone Boxextremely hostile environment for businesses, especially the smaller concerns.  Numerous government initiatives have added ever increasing layers of bureaucracy, additional costs, and inefficient time wasting requirements.  All this is underpinned by ridiculous levels of legislated Political Correct ideology that adversely affect a UK business to efficiently operate or even to employ suitable staff.  This article provides an overview of the resultant problems, with some solutions, and a bleak conclusion that if the UK government continues with its current policies and politically correct ideology the country itself is heading to bankruptcy.
How To Cope With The VAT 'Nightmare Before Christmas The UK current government strikesGold Man Escaping VAT Tax Bureaucracy Paperwork again with a bureaucratic nightmare scenario.  The recently announced VAT rate reduction couldn’t have come at a worst time for UK VAT registered businesses, the benefits in the short term are negligible, but set during the peak pre-Christmas business activity an unacceptable administrative burden is virtually guaranteed.    The last main VAT rate change was way back in 1991, and many systems, routines, and computer programs have been set at 17.5 percent with little experience on the practicalities of changing the VAT rate.  Datalite UK Ltd passes on some thoughts and suggestions on how businesses can cope.
5 Business Tips to Survive Royal Mail's Latest Postal Strike  Here we go again!  The Royal Mail embarks on Tatty Post Offfice Boxes In Streetyet another suicidal post strike in Autumn 2009, and again on a lead up to Christmas.  The last strike resulted in a permanent loss of many customers to Royal Mail as well as a massive business disruption, in some cases with catastrophic consequences.    The latest strike will result in more of the same, it is a remarkable case of self defeating destruction.  Datalite UK Ltd in a previous article on the UK Post Strike of Autumn 2007 passed on some of its coping experiences.   This article provides further lessons learnt and an update on business tips to survive a major mail strike.
Despatching Fragile Products – Tips From A Picture Frame Supplier - Package Box Marked FragileNo successful business likes to take the flak, expense, and possible loss of a customer, due to the failings of another business.  Such a scenario can present itself for any business delivering products via mail.  Ultimately success and reputation is very much dependant on the efficiency of the transit company employed.  Frames Online UK despatches picture frame products containing inherently fragile glass; tips and experiences are provided on protecting and despatching fragile products and provision of sound customer service following reported breakages.
Why Is UK Tax So Taxing? - Another article starring the United Kingdom's tax collecting bureaucracy HM Office Chap Taxed By Tax BureaucracyRevenue and Customs (HMRC formerly Inland Revenue).  There is so much material available with this out of control department, a massive preening had to be done to keep this article down to a reasonable length.  Serious questions are asked of a department that appears to treat taxpayers as criminals, including unreasonable threatening, bullying, and harassment tactics.  Bizarrely the current UK government appears to have an agenda to penalise and if possible criminalise as much of the hard working tax paying population as possible; whilst rewarding shirkers, illegal migrants, criminals, select politically correct 'minorities', the feckless, and long term welfare claimants. 
Mail Order Business - How To Cope With A Postal Strike - The Autumn of 2007 saw a serious of NationalRoyal Mail Post Box Postal strikes in the United Kingdom.  Datalite UK Ltd in common with many other businesses with a mail order element had to survive.  Strategies, experiences, and tips are shared.  One of the prime lessons learnt was the simple adage 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'.  Businesses whom concentrated on a business model of primarily providing a Mail Order Service were particularly vulnerable during the post office strike.

Personalised Gift Products - A Novel Niche Business Concept - Datalite produces a number of personalisedFramed Personalised Custom Gift Product framed certificates including the ever popular 'The Day You Were Born', 'Our Wedding Day', 'Baby Certificates' and many others.  This article was originally written in the year 2007 and provided a brief company history and excursion into the novel gift idea business.  Some recent updating has been done, to include an accompanying image to the page and add some historical references.  Personalised gift products continue to be popular item for the company, and currently (December 2010) many new gift idea products are planned for the future.  These will be covered in future articles and press releases.

Picture Frame Supplier 'Dips Toe' in Wholesale Market  - Datalite UK Ltd under its Frames Online UK A4 Teak Wholesale  Photo Picture Frames branding developed a popular and loyal customer base with its supply of smaller quantities of picture frames.  This article explores the decision and mechanics of its expansion into the wholesale trade marked.  Update 2011:- Originally Frames Online offered smaller batches of photo picture frames on a retail basis, these were (and are) delivered fast on a retail basis.  The expansion into the wholesale trade market has proved a tremendous success, and the company has and continues to supply large qualities of picture frames to many well known organisations and  blue chip companies.   This article is of historic business interest.


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