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Some products aren't inherently interesting, and certainly selling picture  frames does not conjure up the romantic and exciting images that say, selling  state of the art cars, haute couture fashion, or finest champagnes conjures  up.  However, a staple product such as picture frames ticks many of the basic  marketing boxes.  Everybody wants frames, every household and corporation has  frames on display, frames can change with fashion, and they are not  indestructible - frames can need replacing with time. 

One of the prime downsides of supplying picture frames is transporting the  inherently fragile glass.  Though there are alternatives such as Perspex  acrylic glass which are virtually unbreakable, most customers prefer  traditional glass.  Carriers can be excellent, but it only needs one person  in the despatch chain to treat your company's package like a football and you  have a product that needs replacing or refunding, normally resulting in a  loss.  For small despatches via courier a suitable packing solution found to  be most effective is the use of a solid box, bubble wrap, and shredded paper.   This packing aims to protect the impact of a package being thrown from the  back of a lorry, and has reduced breakages to a minimum. 

Datalite UK Ltd's subsidiary 'Frames Online UK' (See https://www. )  has been selling picture frames on the web for a number  of years; specialising in a niche market of supplying batches of frames to  organisations as diverse as schools, local councils, small businesses and  even the police - not often one has a chance of framing the police! Of  particular success are the matching frame packs of a dozen A4 frames or six  A3 frames.  Frames Online UK has garnered a reputation of supplying a quality  range of picture frames fast, with customer service paramount.

The Frames Online UK website originally contained a Bulk Picture Frame Supply  section enabling customers to purchase larger quantities of frames at special  discounted prices with delivery via pallet.  The pallet despatch arrangement  greatly reduces the breakage rate of frames to a bare minimum.  This  wholesale trade facility has been growing in popularity resulting in a  decision to provision its own dedicated website. 

The Frames Bulk Supply facility caters for an entirely different market of  purchaser and includes shop retailers and large organisations and companies.   The frames themselves range from cheap basic but solid economy frames,  through to an excellent regular standard range, culminating in the finest  range of professional quality frames suitable for large corporate displays.

Frames Online - Bulk Supply website is located at https://www.dataliteframes. and offers over sixty styles of picture frames, together with over  twenty sizes ranging from the diminutive to the large.  Frames can be ordered  direct online, paid by credit card if required and delivery to any UK  mainland address can be achieved within five working days.  The website  created provides a virtual wholesale warehouse experience where products can  actually be viewed and selected; rather than customers picking items from a  standard typed price list and hoping that items meet requirements.

John D Henry BA BSc, Managing Director of  DATALITE UK LTD
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Picture Frame Supplier 'Dips Toe' in Wholesale Market
Picture Frames are not the most glamorous of products, but just about everybody needs and wants display frames.  Frames Online UK shares its experience in expanding selling retail products to encompass the trade wholesale bulk supply picture frame market.