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John D Henry BA BSc, Managing Director of  DATALITE UK LTD
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Personalised Gift Products - A Novel Niche Business Concept
DLUK shares its experience with selling in the personalised gift market.
Often the simpler ideas are the best; and  producing novelty certificates from a database  linked to details gleaned from names, places, and  dates has certainly been a winner.  DLUK briefly looks back over the success of  its 'Day You Were Born', 'Our Wedding Day', and  other personalised gift products.
Quite often the simpler ideas are the best; such is the case with the  personalised product 'Day You Were Born' and related products such as 'Our  Wedding Day' and 'Baby Certificates' (Details available at https://www.dayborn. com ).  In essence this is a niche personalised gift item where the customer  provides personalised details, such as a Name and Date of Birth and a clever  and extensive database provides details of news, sports events, entertainment  snippets, name meaning, birth flower/stone etc from every day from the year  1900 to the current month.  This information is presented finely printed on  attractive certificates, available framed or laminated. These make wonderful  gifts that are often treated as heirlooms.

Datalite UK Limited first looked at Day You Were Born based products for the  UK market back in the year 2000 years ago after examining a popular USA variant.  This  was obviously based on USA news and information, and in a format not really  suitable for British customers.  The solution appeared to develop our own in- house software and product, but prior to this a check was made for any  existing products, and hence discovered the franchiser Glynne Davies of  Glycar.  Their software and business package was imminently suitable, and on  the basis of no point in re-inventing the wheel, or getting involved in an  intellectual property dispute, a reciprocal franchise arrangement was agreed.   This has proved most successful.

Sales of Day You Were Born products continue to expand, partly fuelled via  word of mouth and returning customers, and literally thousands have been sold.  Outlets have included direct supply to well known catalogue companies, shops,  holiday camps, mail order, telephone/fax orders, and of course online from  website:  

Datalite's personalised certificate product range has ever evolved and  includes (amongst many) such items as Our Engagement, Retirement, Years  Service, even Divorce!  Irish and Scottish variants have been developed to  supplement the standard UK version, with many sales across the Atlantic of  the Irish versions during the St Patrick's Day celebrations.  Many further  ideas are currently being researched, including the feasibility of adding ' Civil Partnership' certificates to the range, inspired by the evergreen  success of the more traditional 'Our Wedding Day' certificates.

The 'Day You Were Born' product has undoubtedly proved a most successful  personalised product.  Individuals all have a birth colour, flower, stone,  Chinese year sign, zodiac sign, name meaning (for most); together with news  and entertainment events happening around their day of birth.  It is  concluded that its popularity has been down to the simple truism, that most  people (no matter what they say) have a great and natural interest in  themselves!

Author's Note:  Original Article written in the year 2007.