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Date Event Details of Action/Remarks
1 Jul 2013 Company decision to take new direction.  Dayborn, Frames Online, Frames Bulk Supply continue.  Memorial Products and DL Software websites discontinue.  New service 'DLUK Photograpy' being introduced, to provide photographic and video services.  New 'DLUK' logo introduced, and trading as name 'DLUK' added, albeit company will remain registered as Datalite UK Ltd. Website's www.memorialproducts.co.uk and www.datalitesoftware.co.uk to lapse.  New websites URL's www.dluk.info and www.dlphotography.co.uk purchased.
25 Mar 2013 Company accounts accepted by Companies House. Again undertaken in house, using Quickbooks recording transactions.
27 Mar 2012 Company accounts accepted by Companies House. This followed an intensive in house production of accounts, including weekend work, culminating in successful submission of business accounts
24 Mar 2012 The MD in discussion with the company's accountants was extremely disappointed to note that the accounts were nowhere near ready, with an estimated week's work to go.  The MD was informed the best he could hope for was accounts submitted literally at the deadline, leaving no time to allow for rejection as recommended by Companies House.  The MD is well aware that failure to produce accountants on time is a criminal offence for the Directors of a company. The MD decided that the company needed to take over producing the accounts from the company's accountants, due to failure for them to produce accounts in comfortable time to meet the required deadline.  A deep disappointment particularly when the company had the figures ready in December 2011.  This years accounts will be produced in house by Datalite UK Ltd in time to meet required deadlines, due to failure of their appointed chartered accountant.
19 Mar 2012 MD has got to the bottom of why work on company accounts has not even started by the company's accountant.  Apparently the chief accountant of the accountant company has been absent for 4 months out of six, and is still off due to medical reasons.  MD gave the accountants until Friday 23 March 2012 to produce accounts, otherwise stated they will need to be done in house.
16 Mar 2012 The MD of Datalite UK Ltd has been constantly monitoring production of accounts. During the course of the past week he has been extremely disappointed to note that these had still not been done.  Indeed a two week extension was requested to companies house, but turned down as problems with accountant was not deemed a sufficient reason. The law appears very unfair in this area, most companies employ accountants, but the directors remain absolutely responsible in Companies House eyes, for all errors and delays instigated by accountants.  Albeit complaints can be made to the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
5 Mar 2012 The company has decided to recruit two more Sales & Despatch staff, namely Aden and Sarah.  Recent staff shortages, have highlighted the need to have better absence cover. Also a reflection on the company's continuing expansion.
1 Feb 2012 Datalite UK Ltd has prepared records for the period 1 July 2012 to 30 Jun 2011, for the company's accountants to produce accounts.  
31 Jan 2012 Datalite UK Ltd is again pleased to announce a record Sales figure for January 2012.  The month saw a record gross paid sales figure that is over 5% higher than the previous record in November 2011.  This result is even more pleasing when considering, traditionally January is usually the quietest sales month of the year. Underpinned by some of the paid Sales figures comprising of late payers from previous months, offset by invoiced sales in January 2012.  Nevertheless even accounting for this actual sales made during the month were at a record level.
3 Dec 2011 Datalite UK Ltd is very pleased to announce excellent sales and profit figures for the month of November 2011.  The month saw a record gross sales figure that was over 10% higher than its previous sales record set in November 2010.  The NET profit figure was also the highest ever achieved in a single month. Company Bonus paid to staff member Samantha Hely for her part in gaining a substantial frame order from a company chain owned by Theo Pathitis of television's Dragons Den.
21 Oct 2011 Datalite introduces a new range of Memorial Granite Stone products complete with a brand new online store website.  These will be offered on both a retail and wholesale basis with a choice of stones including marble finish.  This product range encompasses various sculptures and cemetery grave stone supplies; with a planned facility to offer laser engraving. www.memorialproducts.co.uk online shop is now available offering a selection of granite stone memorial vases.  Further products will be added over the coming months.
30 Jun 2011 End of Company Account period.  MD is pleased to initially report a gross increase exceeding 20 per cent of sales as compared to the previous  accounting period ending 30 June 2010.  Furthermore the MD is very pleased to report a similar increase of NET profits in excess of 20 per cent. Datalite accounts are in the process of routine reconciliation and preparation prior to submission to the company's accountant.
30 Jun 2011 An excellent sales month for Datalite, producing the second highest all time sales figures for a month.  Also the best set of June figures in the Company's history.  
23 Feb 2011 Company Special investigation completed.   Full investigation report regarding incident of 8 Feb 11 lodged with lawyer. A Company Special investigation found a former employee committed 4 acts of Gross Misconduct including the criminal act of violently assaulting MD with a head butt. This former employee was officially notified of outcome (Not disputed following 3 month appeal period).
8 Feb 2011 Managing Director violently assaulted by member of staff. MD delegates Director(S) to conduct full internal investigation.  Due to seriousness of offence Employee immediately dismissed from employment.
Jan - Feb 2011 An exceptionally quiet period for all sales.  Some of the lowest retail sales figures seen for several years. This generally reflected a drop in sales throughout UK businesses, not helped by some extreme cold weather.
4 Jan 2011 Government increases VAT rate to 20 percent. Company maintains retail GROSS prices.  Wholesale NET prices retained, albeit GROSS price increases solely due to new VAT rate.
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